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The Empowering Journeys of 35 Female Leaders in Wellness

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Your Gateway to Conscious Living

Discover a wealth of resources on health, sustainability, and wellness, empowering you to make informed choices for a healthier lifestyle. What makes us unique? Our unwavering commitment to education. 

The ethical brands featured on Crunchy Mama Box are part of a global movement advocating for wholesome living.

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Find expert advice and wellness resources on our blog to help you on your crunchy living journey.


The Crunchy Mama Box marketplace offers a curated selection of wellness products, eco-friendly brands, and sustainable gifts perfect for everyone.


Take self-care to the next level by joining fellow crunchy mamas for wellness, yoga, and nature retreats.


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Clean eating doesn't have to be boring! Our healthy recipe guide includes a wide variety of flavors for every palate and dietary preference.


Founder, Wanda Malhotra, sits down with experts in health, wellness, sustainability, and more to bring you the best information and insights.

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We are on a movement to support a healthier life and provide sustainable products, made ethically and with clean, ingredients by brands that also give back. We are a community of like minded crunchy families that are creating a movement committed to leading, learning and teaching a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.

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"Crunchy Mama Box is the perfect place for those looking to find eco-conscious products with clean ingredients. I can always be sure that whatever I am looking for will be non-toxic and good for my body. From skincare to healthy eats and home items, CMB has unique options from small brands that I never would have discovered before. I would highly recommend using this company as a way to easily find sustainable, good-for-you products and services."

- Grace P.


"Love crunchy mama. Everything about it. I always get so many compliments for the glasses. Anytime I need to find a good gift crunchy mama is there for me."

- Adriana C.


"The products I ordered were of excellent quality, everything was carefully packed, and delivered promptly! I loved the experience!"

- Jussara H.


"I was actually super shocked by how absolutely awesome the items were. Helpful all around for mind, body and soul. Can't wait for the next one!"

- Holly


"Love these products, great price and awesome customer service!"

- Michele M.


"Great products and the packaging is beautiful 😍😍"

- Kayla


"Crunchy Mama Box makes my heart happy. It checks all the boxes! ✔️Supporting strong women-owned small businesses, ✔️contributing to my overall health and wellness ✔️giving me a treat to look forward to or give to someone else. Cheers!"

- Corinne


"So many products that I will use, air freshener, dryer wool ball, etc. And it all toxin free! Thank you."

- Teresa


"Great products with a great mission!"

- Cristiane D.