Crunchy Mama's Seal of Approval: Your Trusted Wellness Guide

Crunchy Mama's Seal of Approval: Your Trusted Wellness Guide

At Crunchy Mama Box, we take wellness very seriously. In today's saturated market of health and wellness products, navigating through the noise to find brands that genuinely align with your values can be challenging. That's where our Seal of Approval comes in—it's our assurance that products deliver on their promises without any greenwashing or misleading claims. Our seal of approval has become a symbol of trust, quality, and integrity.

With 30 years of experience in the natural market, I've witnessed significant changes. One notable shift is the acquisition of esteemed brands by large corporations, altering their values, ingredients, and social impact. This transformation undermines the essence of the products we once cherished and advocated for.

This platform was built with a mission to educate, raise awareness, and ensure product integrity. We rigorously test and continually audit brands to support family businesses dedicated to providing the highest quality while giving back to the planet and the community. We also champion companies that remain steadfast in their values.

Many of these acquisitions occur discreetly, overshadowed by the products they offer. It often takes consumers time to realize the changes these products undergo. That's why our commitment to transparency and authenticity is more crucial than ever.

"It's very common that when an organic food brand is acquired, that the new parent corporation reduces its commitment to organic ingredients and seeks out cheaper substitutes," says Michigan State University professor Philip Howard, who studies the food system. Business Insider

“Colgate-Palmolive acquired an 84% stake in the company for roughly $100 million. After the acquisition, Tom's of Maine loyalists grappled with whether to keep supporting the brand. Some complained about the new toothpaste's sweet flavor, the new plastic packaging, and the new smell of deodorant soap.” Business Insider

The CMB Seal of Approval

At Crunchy Mama Box, we understand the importance of transparency, clean ingredients, and ethical practices. That's why we've created our Seal of Approval – a stamp of assurance that signifies products have been rigorously tested and approved by wellness experts such as certified health coaches and hard core crunchy mamas. When you see our Seal of Approval on a product, you can trust that it meets our high standards for quality and effectiveness.

Crunchy Mama Tested and Approved

But what does it mean to be "crunchy mama tested and approved"? It means that products have been put through the wringer by our team who is passionate about clean living. From scrutinizing ingredient lists to testing efficacy in real-life scenarios, our team leaves no stone unturned in ensuring that only the best products make it to your doorstep.

Why It Matters

In a world inundated with greenwashing and misleading marketing claims, our Seal of Approval provides peace of mind. It's a beacon of authenticity in an industry that often prioritizes profit over people. When you choose products with our Seal of Approval, you're not just investing in your health – you're supporting brands that share your values and are committed to making a positive impact on the planet.

How to Spot the Seal

Keep an eye out for our Seal of Approval on product packaging, website listings, social media and promotional materials. It's a small emblem with a big meaning – a promise that you're getting the best of the best. Whether you're shopping for skincare, snacks, or home goods, our Seal of Approval is your guarantee of quality and integrity.

Join the Movement

Ready to embark on your journey to wellness with confidence? Look for the Crunchy Mama Box Seal of Approval and join the movement for clean, sustainable living. Together, we can make a difference – one crunchy mama-approved product at a time.

As you navigate the world of wellness products, remember to look for the Crunchy Mama Box Seal of Approval. It's more than just a symbol – it's a testament to our commitment to authenticity, transparency, and quality. With our Seal of Approval, you can shop with confidence, knowing that you're choosing products that have been tested and approved by crunchy mamas just like you.

At Crunchy Mama Box we offer health & wellness resources to help you and your family on your journey to living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. If you are looking for a safe place to vent, find love and support, join our private Facebook group Crunchy Mama Strong. 

Lots of Crunchy Love, 


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