About Crunchy Mama Box

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What is Crunchy Mama Box?

Founded in 2019 by certified health coach, Wanda Malhotra, Crunchy Mama Box is a prestigious and mission-driven global wellness platform committed to promoting conscious living.

The Crunchy Mama Box Promise

All items are vetted by a team of wellness experts whereby ingredients are reviewed and products tested thoroughly for effectiveness; additionally, all brands carried on the site are reviewed for charitable initiatives, manufacturing processes and sustainable packaging to ensure they align with Crunchy Mama Box standards of excellence.

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As the name suggests, Crunchy Mama Box began as a subscription box for moms offering sustainable products, clean beauty, eco-friendly home goods, and more. Today, Crunchy Mama Box offers a marketplace of products from distinguished brands and meticulously curates a wealth of resources on health, wellness, and sustainability. We strive to nourish the body, inside and out, by offering only the best eco-friendly, organic, and ethically sourced products for our crunchy mamas.

Our mission doesn’t stop with products. The Crunchy Mama Box platform is committed to providing top resources and education on healthy living through articles, interviews, healthy recipes, and so much more. The experts at Crunchy Mama Box meticulously curate a wealth of resources covering optics like health, sustainability, and wellness, empowering families to embrace a healthier lifestyle and make informed choices. The company has also created the Crunchy Mama Strong community platform to nurture and guide families along their wellness journey. 

Crunchy Mama Box’s commitment to its mission reaches far beyond its operations, supporting philanthropic causes and making a tangible impact on environmental conservation and social responsibility. A percentage of each purchase is donated to various charitable causes, giving every customer an opportunity to give back while enjoying safe, sustainable products.

Meet the Founder

About Wanda Malhotra

Wanda Malhotra, the Founder of Crunchy Mama Box, is a certified health coach, wellness entrepreneur, and mother of three. Born and raised in the fertile lands of Brazil, Wanda developed a passion for botanicals, holistic healing, and Ayurveda at a young age, shaping her into a proponent of a "crunchy lifestyle" that she now shares with others through Crunchy Mama Box.

Boasting over 28 years of experience in the wellness industry, Wanda's journey began with over two decades in the natural cosmetic sector. During this time, she crafted vegan and organic skincare, henna, and plant-based hair products. Her expertise extended to developing corporate wellness events and leading hands-on cooking classes with a focus on plant-based eating.

Today, Wanda leverages her extensive healthy living experience to curate consciously chosen brands that genuinely promote a sustainable lifestyle through Crunchy Mama Box. This online marketplace not only provides the best-of-the-best eco-friendly products but also fosters a core community of families committed to learning, cultivating, and growing their journey towards better living.

In addition to her role as a wellness entrepreneur, Wanda is a lifestyle journalist and author. She serves as the driving force behind Crunchy Mama Box, a mission-driven platform dedicated to inspiring wholesome living. With a commitment to empowering individuals through vetted products and educational resources, Wanda envisions a future where informed choices lead to positive change.

Joining Crunchy Mama Box means becoming a vital part of a global movement advocating for healthy, sustainable living. Together, Wanda and the community she has built aim to shape a better, more conscious future for individuals seeking to make a positive impact on their well-being and the world around them.

Do you sell clean and sustainable products?

Crunchy Mama Box offers a distinguished opportunity for sustainable brands to showcase their products and services on a reputable, ever-expanding stage. Ethical brands featured on the Crunchy Mama Box marketplace are part of a global movement dedicated to advocating for wholesome living.