Olivia Founder of June Bug Pet Care

Olivia Founder of June Bug Pet Care

Tell us about June Bug. What is it and why/how did you start it?

We adopted our first standard poodle in 2019: our June Bug. I am a big research person, so I started researching how to help her live a happy healthy long life. At the top of that list was food and treats. So, I started looking into treat recipes and their ingredients. I only wanted ingredients that would have many benefits for June. Once I found those ingredients, I would modify recipes to become healthier for her. June loved being a taste tester and I loved making them for her! I thought to myself, "Wouldn't other pet owners want the same for their precious pets?". June Bug LLC opened in April 2020. To legally sell pet treats, we have to have our business license, feed license and have each type of treat lab tested. We started out with just dog treats but received many requests for cat treats. So, after more research, we started our Furry Feline Friend line in 2021. I love making things with my hands, so I have also recently started making pet supplies as well.


Can you explain a bit more about the science behind the products?

Crunchy Mama Box carefully vets all ingredients in any item carried on our site so we are especially interested to hear about the clean, healthy ingredients you use in your recipes.

I researched ingredients for many months before I started making treats. Not only did I want them to be pet friendly, I wanted them to be as healthy as I could get them. I chose to only use organic human-grade ingredients. The human-grade ingredients also make a more flavorful treat. With all my research, I also learned what NOT to give our pets. We DO NOT use any gluten, preservatives, artificial color/flavor, salt or sugar. These ingredients have been linked to many health issues in pets. I have also worked closely with a local pet allergy clinic to learn what ingredients are most common for allergic reactions so we could stay away from them. We can truly say our treats are delicious AND nutritious! June Bug can also let you know which ingredients would be great for a pet with certain ailments, such as stomach issues, inflammation, irregular bowel movements and much more! Please feel free to reach out to us if you need any treat suggestions. What is your best piece of advice for young entrepreneurs out there looking to break into the industry?

1. Research, research, research!

2. Make sure you are doing it legally. It really does matter in the end.

3. Get out and meet people. Let them see your face and give samples when possible.

4. Don't give up.

If you are reaching out to places to sell your product and you're not hearing back from them, nothing says you cannot (nicely) reach out to them again. They are busy and things can get looked over. I do the same when they need to reorder. Just send them a simple email letting them know you noticed they were out and you would be happy to get them some more. Staff and policies change from year to year. So, continue to check back in even if you have received a no in the past.


What is your best-selling product?

It is a tie between our Golden Days and PB & A Doughnuts!


Describe your brand in three words or less.

Delicious and nutritious


What’s your life motto or a key quote that you live by?

Give your all and work smarter not harder!


What makes your company different from others?

Most importantly, our ingredients. There are many other companies that also use human-grade ingredients, but I have found very few that do not use gluten, preservatives, artificial color/flavors, salt or sugar. Our treats can be a little more expensive due to us using only the best ingredients. But we feel you get what you pay for.

Many companies we run across at events/markets are not selling legally. It is very important to us to give you our very best!

How do you ensure your products are environmentally safe?

We only use organic ingredients. Our packaging is all reusable or recyclable. All our supplies are made with all-natural items, such as our cork fabric poop bag dispensers and coconut husk toys.


How does June Bug give back?

We partner with local animal centers and rescues to help get them treats or they can fundraise with us to help them raise money for their daily operations.

As always, treat your best friend well 🐾


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