Gift registry

Introducing Crunchy Mama Box's Gift Registry: The Sustainable and Healthy Way to Celebrate Special Occasions


Gift registry


Crunchy Mama Box is excited to announce its latest feature, the Gift Registry! Now you can easily create a wishlist for all your special occasions, from birthdays and baby showers to weddings and Mother's Day. The best part? You can select from our carefully curated collection of eco-friendly products that promote a healthy, sustainable lifestyle.


At Crunchy Mama Box, we believe in the power of healthy living and the impact it can have on our planet. That's why we carefully vet every product and service we offer on our marketplace. Our team of wellness experts thoroughly tests every item for effectiveness and reviews the ingredients to ensure they align with our standards of excellence. We also review the manufacturing processes, charitable initiatives, and sustainable packaging of every brand we carry.


We understand that shopping for eco-friendly and sustainable products can be overwhelming and time-consuming. That's why we do the work for you. We conduct ongoing research to ensure that we carry only safe and sustainable items that are made by artisans, businesses, and wellness practitioners who share our commitment to health and sustainability.


Our Gift Registry feature is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to make conscious choices while shopping for gifts for their loved ones. You can select from our wide range of products, from beauty to family and mother-and-child, healthy eats, home and wellness, and even magical tarot readings. All our products and services are Crunchy Mama approved, so you can shop with confidence, knowing that you are making a positive impact on the environment and your health.


We understand that sustainability is not just about the products we carry, but also about the way we live our lives. That's why we are committed to providing information that will protect you from any sort of greenwashing. We believe that our platform is one that consumers and brands can trust, and we are dedicated to promoting health, sustainability, and social responsibility.

Gift registry


In addition to our Gift Registry feature, we also offer a range of promotional services that can extend your brand's exposure on our marketplace and community. Our exclusive, dedicated newsletter, Instagram story takeover, banners on our website, and other advertising options can help you reach a wider audience and promote your eco-friendly products and services.


At Crunchy Mama Box, our primary goal is to save time and money for families who are looking for products made with clean and healthy ingredients that also use environmentally friendly packaging. We do more than just read labels for you; we conduct ongoing research to ensure we carry only safe and sustainable items. With our Gift Registry feature, you can now easily create a wishlist for all your special occasions, knowing that every product and service we offer is Crunchy Mama approved. Shop our collection of tested and trusted products and services today!

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