5 Ways to Avoid Overspending on Your Healthy Habits

5 Ways to Avoid Overspending on Your Healthy Habits

There is an unfortunate misconception that living a healthy lifestyle and saving money can’t coincide. It can, and today’s five tips can help you both save and make money while you prioritize healthy living and sustainability.

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Stock your home well.

 Whether you’re investing in kitchen gadgets, such as a potato peeler or athletic equipment, like a yoga mat, having your home stocked with healthy living products from the very beginning can help you save money. But, before you purchase anything, spend some time looking at product reviews from unaffiliated third parties. Look for reviews that go into details but that do not promote or bash any particular manufacturer. What you need are facts, not opinions.

Skip the drive, and walk to work.

 If you live within three miles of work, strap on your sneakers and plan to walk at least a few days each week. According to The List blog, walking is a simple form of exercise, and it comes with many benefits, including reduced joint pain and weight loss. As an added perk, your vehicle will last much longer, you may pay less in insurance premiums, and you’ll take traffic off the road. If you do have to drive to work, consider using your lunch break as an excuse to go for a walk. Pack a lunch, and walk to the furthest end of your business’s campus or to a local park so that you can eat in the fresh air and work your body in the process.

Make your lifestyle a business.

 Do you love to live in the spotlight? Consider creating an affiliate marketing blog or opening a wellness studio based on your healthy living endeavors. One quick tip here: make sure that you collect payments on time and that your invoices are accurate. Use an online invoice maker that features your brand's colors, logo, and payment information, and you’ll be one step closer to having a professional brand that people want to patronize. Although you’ll use your efforts as part of a new career, be genuine in your desire to help other people, and you may wind up just as successful in this career as you ever were in your current one.


Eat for your health.

 We all have to eat, but you can make conscientious decisions about the food that you put into your body. Eating a healthy diet can help you stave off obesity, heart disease, and many other health conditions that can eat away at your savings. Fortunately, healthy foods are not necessarily the ones that cost the most money. A good rule of thumb when grocery shopping is to stick to the perimeter. The foods on the outside of the store tend to be the ones reliant on refrigeration and are usually the freshest and healthiest. Apples, oranges, whole milk, and greens are all great, tasty, and healthy additions to your diet.

Buy sustainable brands.

No matter what you're investing in, choose companies that give back. There are plenty of sustainable brands, from fashion to home goods to technology. While you may spend a bit more in the beginning for quality, you’ll save in the long run as you are not replacing pieces of your wardrobe or other items as often. Visit the Crunchy Mama Box marketplace to find excellent sustainable products you can trust.

Your financial health is just as important as your physical wellness. When it’s time to change your habits to enjoy healthier living, you don’t want to sacrifice your savings. Small steps are game changers, and simple tactics, like reading product reviews, buying for longevity, and monetizing your healthy habits, will take you further than you could have imagined without taking a toll on your spending habits.

Written by: Emma Grace Brown

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