Crunchy Mama Box promotes ‘conscious living’ products

Crunchy Mama Box promotes ‘conscious living’ products

Inspired by enlightened family members, Wanda Malhotra of Farragut is promoting “conscious living” through her business, Crunchy Mama Box.

She recently applied for her business license in Farragut.

Malhotra was raised in Brazil with Brazilian, Italian and Indian descent that embodied a deep passion for botanicals, holistic healing and Ayurveda that shaped her “crunchy” (hippy) lifestyle. That lifestyle inspired her to share her knowledge to others.

She explained Crunchy Mama Box is “a mission-driven wellness platform where we test products and services for our audience.

“I like to call our audience a community because that’s what we are, a community of like-minded people who are looking to live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle,” Malhotra added.

Along with featuring wellness experts on her website, she is a certified health coach and wellness entrepreneur who has been in the wellness industry for 30 years.

She also is a journalist and has authored a book, “Women in Wellness: The Empowering Journeys of 35 Female Leaders in Wellness,” which was launched at the Wellness Innovation Summit in Knoxville Convention Center Saturday, April 6.


Malhotra recalled she used to create hair care products, such as plant-based hair color, and skin care products.

“Now, I help people by reviewing ingredients, auditing manufacturing processes to make sure they’re clean, their sustainable practices, their social impact and how they give back to the community and the planet,” she said.

Malhotra examines whether her clients’ businesses are using eco-friendly packaging and whether their ingredients are clean.

“We taste snacks; we taste meals, functional drinks, energy drinks, teas, coffee, smoothies,” Malhotra added.

Along with testing, her company also provides guidance and coaching to small businesses and start-up companies on what ingredients and materials to use, providing a “seal of approval” to businesses that meet her high standards.

“Our criteria is strict,” she said. “It’s a very high standard of excellence … their quality, their ingredients and how clean, how sustainable they are.”

Another part of Malhotra’s business is sharing and educating her audience community, including Farragut, with articles and feedback.

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