Bath Bomb Sparkle Dust

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Bath Bomb Sparkle Dust- 3 Ounces
Add a dash of magic to your next soak with our brand-new bath bomb dust!
Take your bath from ordinary to extraordinary with Roxy Grace’s Bath Bomb Sparkle Dust! Each pouch is filled with our signature bath bomb formula ground into a soft powder, making it easy to add as little or as much to your tub as you want. Available in seven fun and fruity scents and mixed with biodegradable glitter, this dazzling bath bomb dust is made with good-for-you ingredients including witch hazel, baking soda, and organic fragrance oils - perfect for indulging your inner diva. Whether you are a natural born queen or are simply looking to pamper yourself, Roxy Grace’s Bath Bomb Sparkle Dust will help you shine from the inside out!