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Here is a guide on how to set up your account, set up shipping, add products, view your orders, payments, and other settings.
Please contact us if you have questions or need assistance, we will be happy to help.
Step1 and 2 need to be completed before listing products.

Step 1: Choose your membership plan and select recurring payments when directed to your Paypal account. Once that is done you will be ready to set up your account, create your profile page and add your Paypal email.

You will be able to manage your account from the “my account” submenu under the Profile menu. On the account page, you can edit the profile page picture, banner image, and manage all your company information:

Add your Paypal email in “payment details” as indicated below.
You will receive automatic payments for every order fulfilled (add tracking number or date the online service was scheduled).

Step 2:

Select “seller shipping method” as your default shipping method, add the countries/regions you would like to ship to. Only if you sell online services select “free shipping” as the default method. You will be able to set free shipping for orders over a certain amount on the “seller shipping method” option, make sure to choose the regions that free shipping will apply to.

Go to Configuration >> Shipping Configuration 

Image sizes:

Product image: 1024x1024px with white background

Seller profile: 450x450 px

Seller Logo: 400x400 px

Banner: 1600x400px

  • You may add videos using embedded code from YouTube on your banner space, description page and product pages.

How to add products to your brand page.

On your dashboard under the menu- products >> product listing, all the product-related information will be there and the product can be edited, viewed and deleted from here:

From the “bulk edit” option in the above screenshot, you can bulk edit the products as well as add products via CSV file to the app.

This is the “add product” form :

This is how you will add your products individually. Make sure to select all the collections that apply to your product, for example, skincare, bath & body, new arrivals, etc. You can select more than one collection. Make sure to always select “all products” collection.
In case you have selected “digital product” to be added then the form will differ as you have to upload the file and also specify the number of allowed downloads and the expiry days (if any).
For “services” make sure to select free shipping and add the date your service was scheduled and if it will be via phone, video call or others.
This is how a new product is added.
There is another menu: Products > Smart Collections: A list of all the automated/smart collections made at the Shopify end.


You can view and manage all the orders from the “orders” menu under order listing :

The order listing page will list all your orders placed, and you can fulfill the order by viewing the order from the order view page. You will be notified via email if you receive an order, and your order will also be visible on your dashboard.

From the order view, you can enter the tracking number for the order and print an invoice (optional) for that particular order. Sales taxes are collected and paid by Crunchy Mama Box for orders placed by customers in the state of TN. If you sell services and are based outside of the U.S., please contact us.


Under the order menu, the submenu “payment received”, this section shows the payment due and the total payment received by the vendor.

Orders > Payment Received: A list of all the payments received by the seller with payment status:

Orders > Commission Listing: Shows a list of all the CMB marketplace commissions for your orders:

The feedback submenu will show all the feedback you have received by customers.


We are so happy to have you on our Mission-driven Marketplace and can’t wait to spread the word about your wonderful products and services to our Crunchy Mama community! Please feel free to contact us if you need help setting up your storefront.

Lots of crunchy love,