The Importance of Teaching Your Children Self-Care

The Importance of Teaching Your Children Self-Care

Just like adults, children experience stress and anxiety in their daily lives, whether they’re struggling with classwork, dealing with a bully, or suffering from low self-esteem. And as a parent, you want to do what’s best for your kids and help them cope with those stressors. So here’s some advice to make self-care part of your and your children’s routine.

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Take Care of Your Space

Are your children always looking for lost possessions or lost homework assignments, which is making them stressed and anxious? Decluttering your kids’ bedrooms and your living areas will help them find what they need quickly, and you’ll be able to better organize your space and be more efficient. Also, you won’t have to waste precious time cleaning, rearranging, and putting things away, so you’ll have more time to spend on fun or relaxing activities. Once you’ve decluttered, give everything a good vacuuming—you may want to use a stick vacuum which is typically lighter in weight than standard models. 

When you’re reorganizing your home, take advantage of the natural light in your space and move your child’s desk close to a window: it will help with alertness and concentration while doing homework or other tasks. Add houseplants to your interior for their calming properties. They will also help clear some of the indoor pollutants and allergens that may trigger unpleasant reactions like asthma. An oil diffuser may also be a good addition to purify the air and release calming scents through your home.

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Take Care of Your Body

Exercising is an excellent form of self-care, so make sure to model good behavior for your kids and carve out time for exercise in your own weekly routine. Not sure what sports or physical activities your child would enjoy? Martial arts can help kids become more focused and attentive. They also build confidence as your children see improvements in their skills, and being physically active will help them blow off some steam after a busy school day.

Additionally, teach your children the importance of a good night’s sleep. While we sleep, our brains and bodies get restored and repaired, and after an adequate amount of shuteye, we feel refreshed and ready to face a new day. If you want to promote good sleep hygiene in your children, take advantage of the time you get to spend together before bed to help them develop healthy routines that will carry them into adulthood, such as turning off their electronics and brushing their teeth before turning in for the night.  

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Take Care of Your Mind

Engage your children in creative activities to help them relax and relieve some anxiety. Coloring books, paint-by-number kits, and crochet projects are just a few ideas to get your kids started on a new hobby that will help them unwind. As they become more skilled in their new craft, their self-esteem will increase as well, and they’ll turn into more confident people. And if you feel your child could benefit from talking to a professional therapist, look for local professionals in your area who provide in-person sessions.

Encourage self-care in your children by modeling behaviors you want them to engage in. Take time to exercise, relax, and partake in activities that boost your confidence and self-esteem. Your kids will grow up to be physically and mentally healthy as they follow your good example.

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Article written by Greg Moro


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