Gael Meets Tutti: A Canine Drama Unfolds

Gael Meets Tutti: A Canine Drama Unfolds

The Gael Chronicles: Part Two

Our return from Pipa brought more than just a suntan – it brought Gael, a pint-sized Labrador furball that would unwittingly script our family's adventure over the next 15 years.

Back home, Gael's entry stirred quite the canine drama. Tutti, our white Shih Tzu, thrilled at the prospect of a new playmate. Little did he know, Gael had plans to stake his claim, right on Tutti's turf – his bed. Picture Tutti's disbelief, confusion, and a dash of panic, all evident through his comically mismatched teeth.

tutti and gael on the couch

Gael, having mastered the art of the adorable Lab head tilt, couldn't comprehend why Tutti had suddenly become the grumpiest boss in town. Our once-happy Shih Tzu transformed into a small, bossy tyrant, navigating life with a pup several times his size. As Gael and Tutti became our own "Pinky and the Brain," the kids, Gabi and Lucas, aged 8 and 6, reveled in the chaos, turning our home into a boisterous playground.

Gael and Gabi at the park

Now, rewind to Gael's puppy days in São Paulo, temporarily lodged in a charming townhouse owned by my friend Ju. My ex-husband, back when he was still my husband, had a no-dogs-indoors policy. So, Gael and Tutti had their own bedroom. Or so we thought. One morning, Gael's whimpers revealed an escape act – he'd chewed the bedroom door! Not ideal, considering we were tenants in Ju's meticulously designed house.

gael and tutti backyard

Gael's penchant for chewing, however, extended beyond doors. Silicone baking supplies, flip flops, toys, sneakers – you name it, he gnawed on it. He even devoured an entire bag of dog food in record time, leading to epic poops and vomiting episodes. But he remained Tutti's loyal apprentice, following his lead on walks and business rituals.

In Ju's townhouse, Gael's the big giant, and Tutti's the boss. Tutti eats first, Gael follows. Tutti does his business, Gael waits. It's like they're Pinky and the Brain. Gael's literally stuck to Tutti, learning the ropes. Gabi and Lucas, 8 and 6 years old at the time, loved running around and jumping with Gael, making a mess in the house and getting Tutti even more worked up. Tutti, a proper dog, liked to play but liked things to be neat and quiet as well, so Gael really turned his life and house upside down!

We still feed him coconuts; he loves 'em. The coconut shell chewing? Classic Gael.

So, Gael's first year unfolded – from the stylish townhouse to the chaos of a renovated house, with more pets awaiting their debut. But that's a tale for the next chapter in Gael's ever-entertaining saga. Buckle up for more stories of laughter, love, and a Lab with a heart as big as his floppy ears. The Gael Chronicles continue...


🌈🐾On December 21, 2023, we said goodbye to our cherished lab, Gael. To honor his memory and celebrate the unconditional love that pets bring into our lives, we've created this special section on our website dedicated to heartwarming pet stories.

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