Stars Who Make a Difference: Why & How Actress Clara Garcia Is Helping To Change Our World

Stars Who Make a Difference: Why & How Actress Clara Garcia Is Helping To Change Our World

Always Have a Plan B: I learned the hard way that relying solely on art for a living is challenging. It’s crucial to have a backup plan.

Wehad the pleasure of interviewing Clara Garcia.

Clara Garcia is a Brazilian actress, born in São Paulo and raised in Rio de Janeiro. According to Clara, she pursued a degree in theater out of conviction and makeup out of passion. Married, she has chosen not to have children. She follows life with paying attention to each and every detail, just like a good Pisces that she is.

Clara made her television debut in commercials and supporting roles in notable Brazilian soap operas such as TV Globo’s”O Amor Está no Ar,” “Por Amor,” “Pecado Capital,” “Malhação,” and “Floribella” on Band TV. She later ventured into feature films, portraying the role of Deco’s (Paulo Vilela) mother in the 2014 release “Lascados.” Clara made a triumphant return to television in 2017, starring in the RecordTV soap opera “O Rico e Lázaro.”

Thank you so much for doing this with us Clara! Our readers would love to get to know you a bit better. Can you tell us your “Origin Story”? The story of how you grew up?

Thank you for having me! When people ask how I decided to become an actress, I find it interesting because I feel like I was born an actress! It was a natural progression for me; I always knew this was my life’s profession.

Can you share a story with us about what brought you to this specific career path?

I have many good stories, but I think the most interesting one was when I was cast in a soap opera on TV Globo. After getting a haircut, costume fitting, and getting into character, I got a call saying that the director had decided I needed to shave my head! Wait, go bald?!


And so it was done. I shaved it without even questioning.

Can you tell us the most interesting story that happened to you since you began your career?

Once, during a theater play, I went on stage wearing slippers instead of shoes! I simply forgot to change them. The actress performing with me had such a fit of laughter that it spread to the audience and then to me. I had to stop the show, change my shoes, and start again. I learned that when you really know the show well, you can make the audience a part of it! It felt like having the audience in the palm of my hand, you know? Delightful!

Is there a person that made a profound impact on your professional life? Can you share a story?

Many people have been important to my journey, but there wasn’t one person who stood out above the rest. I always had to fight my own battles, and it was a tough road to walk.

How are you using your success to bring goodness to the world? Can you share with us the meaningful or exciting causes you’re working on right now?

Since I’m not active on social media, I don’t have a public platform for making an impact. However, I’ve always believed in the power of charity and that it starts by helping those around you. I have a lot of free time since I don’t have children, and I’ve learned that dedicating my time to others can have a huge impact on their lives. Whether it’s solving problems or offering support, the time I can give makes a real difference.

Can you share with us a story behind why you chose to take up this particular cause?

When I shaved my head for a role, I chose to support the cause of childhood cancer. I realized how much young girls suffer from losing their hair. Suddenly, there I was, a character on the largest TV network in the country, bald with her entire head tattooed and still beautiful. I visited children’s cancer hospitals all over Brazil. It was a beautiful yet very difficult experience because witnessing that reality is heart-wrenching. However, I am confident that I helped many girls regain their self-esteem.

Can you share with us a story about a person who was impacted by your cause?

During my visits to the hospitals, I met a girl who looked just like me! She had the same tattoos on her bald head and was so happy. I was incredibly moved by how much my character had influenced her, so I called the writer to tell her about Gabriela. Inspired by this story, the writer decided to give my character a new direction in the soap opera, having her work with childhood cancer. We even invited little Gabriela to make an appearance on the show. They say art imitates life, but in this case, life inspired art.

List 3 things that individuals, society, or the government can do to support you in this effort?

I live in a country where inequality is widespread, and the government has always been very corrupt. So, not just for my causes, but for all causes, there is much that can be done, given our endless resources. Here are three things that can help:

  1. Raise Awareness: Individuals and society can raise awareness about the importance of supporting children with cancer and other critical causes.
  2. Promote Equality: Society and the government can work towards reducing inequality by creating and implementing policies that ensure fair distribution of resources.
  3. Support Nonprofits: Individuals can support nonprofits and charities that are dedicated to making a difference, providing them with the resources they need to continue their work.

What are your “5 things I wish someone told me when I first started” and why?

  1. Always Have a Plan B: I learned the hard way that relying solely on art for a living is challenging. It’s crucial to have a backup plan.
  2. Your Education Won’t Define You: It may sound like a joke, but in my experience, no one ever asked me where I studied. What matters most is your talent and dedication.
  3. Navigate Professional Dynamics: Sadly, even in an industry like ours, where collaboration should reign, some colleagues tend to compete rather than cooperate. Stay vigilant and safeguard your interests.
  4. Manage Your Ego: Your ego can be your biggest obstacle to success. Constantly work on keeping it in check.
  5. Wow, I don’t know, haha.

Can you share with our readers any self-care routines, practices or treatments that you do to help your body, mind and heart to thrive? Please share a story for each one if you can.

I’m 53 years old now, and I’ve realized that self-care isn’t just a luxury; it’s a necessity! Despite my aversion to exercise, I make it a point to work out almost every day. My skincare routine is sacred and has been a constant since I was 16, and I’ve witnessed its profound impact on the quality and hydration of my skin as I’ve matured.

When it comes to food, finding a balance between indulgence and healthy eating is an ongoing challenge. I consider myself fortunate to be experiencing menopause at a time when there’s greater awareness around it. I seize the opportunity to raise my voice because women endure so much, and it’s time to break the taboo surrounding this topic! Picture me at the gym, cranking up the air conditioning and announcing to everyone: “Menopause has arrived!” It’s truly liberating!

You are a person of enormous influence. If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most amount of good to the most amount of people, what would that be?

I’ve never really thought of myself as someone with influence. My focus has always been on being the best version of myself in every role I inhabit. Perhaps the most impactful movement would be to champion the importance of being the best daughter, friend, sister, and woman one can be. As I mentioned earlier, I truly believe that everything begins with those closest to us.

This is what we call our “matchmaker question”, and it sometimes works. Is there a person in the world whom you would love to have a power lunch with, and why? Maybe we can tag them and see what happens!

Julia Roberts! I love her!

Are you on social media? How can our readers follow you online?

I should probably be more active on social media, but I tend to lean towards reading a good book or catching up on series and movies instead. Privacy is paramount for me, so sharing my personal life is something I steer clear of. However, never say never, right? If I do have a change of heart, you’ll find me on Instagram at @clara.garcia_oficial.

This was so informative, thank you so much! We wish you continued success!

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