People We Adore: Wanda Malhotra

People We Adore: Wanda Malhotra

We all have people we meet along the way, connect with and know we adore. As we share what we are up to we create a vibration and lock into areas of compatibility. Meet Wanda Malhotra!

A common colleague introduced us and we were so excited to see what Wanda is up to at Crunchy Mama Box. Building community, educating and doing all of that with an open heart. Let's learn more.


Q: Tell us a little bit about you, your company and your company's mission. 

A: We are a Mission-driven Platform.

Crunchy Mama Box is a prestigious global wellness platform committed to promoting conscious living. Led by wellness expert Wanda Malhotra, CMB offers a distinguished opportunity for sustainable brands to showcase their products and services on a reputable, ever-expanding stage.

CMB meticulously curates a wealth of resources covering health, sustainability, and wellness. The platform offers a wide array of materials, including articles, interviews, healthy recipes, as well as certification guides and ingredient lists, empowering individuals and families to embrace a healthier lifestyle and make informed choices.

What sets Crunchy Mama Box apart is its unwavering commitment to education, providing a comprehensive content hub. Its marketplace boasts an extensive selection of eco-friendly, organic, and ethically sourced products across various categories.

At CMB, community support is integral, its Crunchy Mama Strong community was created to nurture and guide families on their wellness journey. CMB's commitment reaches beyond its operations, supporting philanthropic causes and making a tangible impact on environmental conservation and social responsibility. Ethical brands featured on Crunchy Mama Box join a global movement dedicated to advocating for wholesome living.


Q: What is your superpower?  Tell us about a moment you recall that your superpower served you?

A: My superpower lies in guiding individuals on their path toward healthier and more sustainable living. Whether it's equipping them with valuable insights into ingredients, conducting product testing, conducting thorough research, or simply offering guidance and education, I find immense fulfillment in empowering others.

This superpower serves me daily as I embrace continuous learning, exploring new ingredients, understanding diverse manufacturing processes, and uncovering fascinating insights within the realms of health, wellness, and sustainability.


Q: What are your rituals for self-care, healing or de-stressing? Is there a special place you go?

A: When it comes to self-care, healing, and de-stressing, I prioritize rituals that nourish my mind, body, and spirit. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I begin by taking a moment to pause and breathe deeply, grounding myself in the present moment.

This simple practice can be done anywhere, offering instant relief in any situation. On a daily basis, I carve out time for meditation, allowing myself to quiet the chatter of the mind and connect with inner peace.

Visualizing my day with positive outcomes sets a tone of optimism and empowerment, while uplifting music further enhances my mood and energy levels. Physical activity, such as exercise, is a cornerstone of my self-care routine, providing not only physical benefits but also releasing tension and boosting endorphins.

I complement this with nourishing foods that fuel my body and mind, recognizing the profound impact of nutrition on overall well-being. Equally important is the cultivation of mindfulness throughout the day, where I consciously observe my thoughts, feelings, and words.

By staying present and aware in each moment, I foster a sense of calm, positivity, and productivity that resonates through all aspects of my life.


Q: With which Chakra do you most identify and why?

A: I resonate most with the Heart Chakra because it embodies the values that guide my life: love, compassion, and forgiveness. These qualities are central to how I interact with others and navigate the world around me.

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