JOY & HAPPINESS: Spiritual & Energetic Bath

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Being happy is a choice that is always within your control. No one can decide for you whether you can be happy or not. No one can decide what makes you happy or why it does so. And no one can stop you from going after what makes you happy.

With this Joy & Happiness spiritual and energetic bath, you can attract joy and optimism into your life, fulfill hopes and wishes, invigorate your own energy, so that you are better able to manifest happiness within your life.


Salt (cleaning); Sugar (love & joy); Rosemary (protection, joy, mental focus); Chamomile (peace, love, luck, joy); Bergamot Essential Oil (joy & protection); Oregano (joy, happiness, love, luck); Sunflower (protection, illumination, success).


Boil 1 liter of water. Once boiled, add all the ingredients, stir and let it rest for 15 minutes. Strain the water for the bath. Light a candle, turn on a relaxing music, set up your ritual. Take a hygienic bath/shower normally and after cleaning, pour the liquid from your neck to your feet. If you prefer, pour the liquid in a filled bathtub and take a bath. Place your protective intentions and say your prayers while pouring the liquid over your body. Dry yourself as little as possible with the towel, letting your body dry the energetic bath naturally. If possible, return to the universe whatever remains of the ritual (by burying the herbs in the ground outside). Package content is for 1 spiritual bath.


  • What is Energetic Bath?
The Energetic Bath is the art of promoting energy exchange between you and nature through the vibration of herbs. Such an exchange restores your holistic and integral balance, enabling you to be able to overcome life's natural challenges in a simple and powerful way.

The energy of the herbs present in an energetic bath enters and runs throughout your body through the energy channels (the meridians) until it reaches the energy centers (the chakras).

By preparing an energy bath with prayers and intentions, you create this sacred bond of connection and alignment and the resulting vibration is able to manifest in your life in any area that needs transformation: love, prosperity, health, happiness, harmony, purification, protection, etc.

In this way, this bath promotes an energetic cleansing of your body from loads of dense and negative vibrations, restoring your balance and unlocking areas of your life that were blocked due to these accumulations. It acts as a spiritual opening ritual and promotes your connection with the Universe, so that the necessary transformations occur within you.

  • How often should I take the energetic bath?
In situations of energetic imbalance, when you feel that you are feeling blocked in your life or feeling depleted, totally drained, heavy, or with other apparent signs of a negative energy build-up or energetic attack, the ideal frequency is once a week for a period of 4 weeks for more effective treatment.
After the treatment period, when you are already feeling better and well balanced, you can take a bath every 4 weeks (once a month) to maintain a cleaning routine of the energetic and spiritual fields, eliminating the load accumulated over the course of the days.

  • Should children take energetic baths?
Our energy baths are formulated for the more mature energy field of adults, avoid using them on children.

  • Can I take a bath from my head down?
No. Always take the energetic bath from the neck down (don't wet your head with the energetic bath). In our head is located the crown chakra, responsible for our connection with the spiritual world and the energies of the universe, so we must not modify its vibrations.

  • Precautions:
Although there are no contraindications, we recommend that you do not use baths when your skin is injured or when you are experiencing allergic crises that manifest on the skin.

The number of ingredients in your bath has a meaning:

  • Number 1: It is considered the number of unity and the beginning of the world. It is linked to creative energy, originality, individuality, power and objectivity. It has great influence on mental abilities and creative strength. It represents the impetus that drives achievement and gives energy to get things started and take action.

  • Number 3: It is considered the number of communication with the divine and is seen as the power of balance. This is a sacred number in various spiritual paths and religions, because in them we find the presence of a divine trinity and in nature itself we see it present in the balance between body/mind/spirit, life/death/rebirth, etc. It represents communication and expression. It helps in our relationship with the outside world, bringing balance and harmony between mind, body and spirit.

  • Number 5: is considered the number of transmutation and is seen as the power of unity between the four elements of nature and the fifth element which is spirit. It is the number of sensations and senses. It represents change and movement and helps open the way towards new directions and opportunities.

  • Number 7: It is considered the number of harmony and spirituality. It is linked to the seven days of the week and the seven colors of the rainbow. It represents integration, wholeness and harmony. It helps to work on wisdom, reflection and inner peace.

  • Number 9: It is considered the number that works the end of a cycle and the beginning of a new one. It is linked to death and rebirth and brings in its essence altruism and universal love. It represents the fulfillment of human beings with their aspirations met, free from all dense and negative vibrations.
*Salt and/or sugar are not considered when counting the number of ingredients.

What is the best phase of the Moon for your bath?

  • Crescent Moon: Strengthens herbal baths for general growth, achievements, good luck, success, creativity and prosperity and balance.

  • Full Moon: Strengthens herbal baths for love, friendship, attraction, strength, courage, abundance, clairvoyance and intuition.

  • Waning Moon: Strengthens herbal baths for protection, energy cleaning and banishment of something that is harmful in your life. Great phase to cut and eliminate negative and dense energies.
  • New Moon: Strengthens herbal baths to awaken sleeping potentials with the aim of new beginnings in any area of your life such as business, love, friendships, family, etc.

What is the best day of the week for your bath?

  • Sunday: governed by the Sun and the Fire element, Sunday is the ideal day for bathing for abundance, prosperity, optimism, increased energy and luck, as well as issues involving success and fame.

  • Monday: governed by the Moon and the Water element, Monday is the ideal day for baths that involve awakening intuition, clairvoyance and increasing psychic power.

  • Tuesday: governed by the planet Mars and the element Fire, Tuesday is the ideal day for baths of protection, courage, disputes, victories and energy defense.

  • Wednesday: ruled by the planet Mercury and the element of Air, Wednesday is the ideal day for baths involving business, health, intellectual activities, studies, communication and inspiration.

  • Thursday: ruled by Planet Jupiter and Water and Fire elements, Thursday is the ideal day for baths related to issues involving material achievements, wealth, success in business, matters involving law, justice, career and professional life.

  • Friday: governed by Venus and elements Air and Earth, Friday is the ideal day for baths involving issues of love, passion, beauty, harmony, union and fertility.
  • Saturday: governed by Saturn and elements Air and Earth, Saturday is the ideal day for baths linked to the end of cycles, protection, banishment and cleaning.

When is the best period of the day for your bath?

  • Morning: This is the first period of the day when the Sun begins to rise in the sky and with its rays awakens all nature from its sleep. It brings the symbolism of growth and strength and goes from sunrise to noon, when it reaches its apex. It's the ideal time for you to take energetic baths that bring energy, prosperity, luck, strength, courage, connection with solar energies and the Sacred Masculine. These energetic vibrations will work in your physical and spiritual body throughout the day, helping to open your paths and work your intention while you are doing your daily tasks.
  • Afternoon: This is the second period of the day in which the Sun, after reaching its apex, begins to decline and diminish its light and strength, leaving for the other side of the world. It brings the symbolism of the end of cycles and death and goes from the beginning of the afternoon until sunset. It's the ideal time for you to take herbal baths to promote cleaning, purification, banishment and protection. These energetic vibrations will be strengthened especially at sunset, which is a moment considered “between the worlds” in witchcraft and will help in the process of removing the dense and negative charges accumulated throughout the day.
  • Night: This is the last period and marks the absence of the Sun and the dominance of the Moon. It brings the symbolism of intuition, magic and harmony, as it is when our physical body rests for a new day, while our spirit is free to visit other realms such as dreams. It is the ideal time for you to take energetic baths to promote calm, serenity, peace, tranquility, relaxation, stress relief, to treat sleep disorders, connection with the energies of the Sacred Feminine. These energetic vibrations will be strengthened by the energies of the Moon and will act on your body and spirit throughout the night, working at the subconscious level.

During the energy bath, it is possible to use various tools to increase power and assist in directing energies in the ritual. These tools create an environment with a magical aura, which helps to put your spirit in a state of expanded consciousness and awaken your inner magic.


Candles are used as a representative of the Fire Element in rituals and spells. A candle flame also helps bringing focus and can help the mind enter a meditative state.

According to Chromotherapy, all colors transmit waves that influence our feelings, energies and vibrations, and thus they can be applied to reach a specific area in our life or to attract or repel certain energies:

Yellow: learning, creativity, and communication.
Blue: patience, calm, serenity, clarity, and compassion.
White: protection, peace, and harmony.
Gold: solar energy, prosperity, luck, and personal shine.
Orange: joy, self-esteem, energy, justice, success.
Brown: material achievements and physical objects.
Silver: lunar energy, intuition, cycles, psychic abilities, clairvoyance.
Black: protection, banishment, and energy cleansing.
Pink: love, friendship, family, and emotional balance.
Purple: spirituality, transmutation, wisdom, balance.
Green: healing, health, fertility, prosperity, abundance, renewal and hope.
Red: passion, courage, life, strength, and action.


You can also light incense in your bathroom. The burning of incense means the transformation of material (charcoal and herbs) into spiritual (smoke and aroma). Coal and plants represent the union of the mineral and vegetable kingdoms, which are transformed by the action of the Fire Element. Its smoke spreads through the Air Element and reaches the spiritual plan, where all energies, thoughts and emotions transit to arrive in their proper places.

Incenses also promote therapeutic effects: the molecules from the ingredients are released into the environment and captured by your olfactory cells, acting directly on the brain through chemical processes that will cause the effects present in the aroma of each herb.


Each stone or crystal has a unique power and energy that can be used to strengthen your intention in the magic of energetic baths in different ways.

Use your intuition as a guide in choosing the crystal that best aligns with your intention and with the energy of the herbs you will use in preparing your magical bath.

The stone or crystal can be left somewhere in your bathroom (near the candles, for example) so that the crystalline vibration is transmitted to your energy field at the time of the bath ritual.

After the energetic bath, the crystal or stone can also be worn close to the body through jewelry (such as a necklace, ring, or bracelet) to help strengthen the action and intent of the herbs you have used.

  • MUSIC:

Another wonderful option to create an enchanted atmosphere during your energetic bath is to listen to music that is uplifting and that connects you with your spirit. Sound waves help modulate energy in an environment and are able to influence our health (physical, mental and emotional). Many studies have already shown that sound waves can alter bodily characteristics such as: breathing, heartbeat, perspiration, brain waves, body balance, and relaxation of mind and body.

You can listen to any music you like, but I recommend meditation and spiritual uplifting musics. You can also look for musics with specific hertz frequencies (called Solfeggio Frequencies) which are tones of sounds that help and promote the health of the body and mind in various aspects. Some examples are 432 Hz, 528 Hz, 396 Hz, 639 Hz, 741 Hz, 852 Hz, and 963 Hz.

During the bath, while pouring the energy bath over your body or while lying in the bathtub, call the presence of Mother Earth (or your Goddess or God of devotion, your guardian spirit, your saint or spiritual guide, your angel from the guardian - whoever is sacred and divine to your heart according to your religion or spiritual path) and the forces of nature.

Say a prayer asking Him/She to bless the herbal bath so that it can act on your body and spirit, bringing healing and manifestation of your intention. When you take an energetic bath, you are participating in an initiation to open yourself up spiritually.

As the waters touch your body, feel the vibration of the herbal spirits merging with your energy field, releasing the flows and dissolving any accumulation of dense and negative charge. Focus in your mind and visualize the result as already achieved and materialized in that plan and all the blessings accomplished.

Let the feelings flow (you may feel like laughing, crying, screaming, etc.) as you see in your mind your manifested intention (for example, see yourself signing the lease on your new house, getting a handshake from your boss when you receive the much dreamed promotion, going to meet the person you love, receiving a loving hug from your family, removing envy from your life, etc.).

When you finish pouring the mixture over your body, take three deep breaths and be silent for a few moments, without rinsing or drying yourself, letting the essence of each herb vibrate along with your spirit. Feel nature's energy involve your physical and spiritual body and allow it to enter your energy field and internal organs, thus working on healing and transformation.

Afterwards, thank the herbs, Mother Earth (or the one that is sacred and divine to your heart) for the blessings granted in this ritual.