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Apometry Session for Pets
Apometry Session for Pets
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Apometry Session for Pets

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Treatment with Stellar Multidimensional Apometry brings emotional, mental and spiritual cleansing on all levels, bringing the client an energetic balance and reconnecting them with the divine source.

The technique uses a series of commands for cleansing, cure and harmonization of the electromagnetic field of a person, animal, or property.


1) Buy your Apometry Session through this website.
2) Click on the follow link to book your session: Apometry for Pets - Booking Calendar
3) All sessions are online and you don't need to attend the meeting. Feedback with be sent later to you through e-mail or WhatsApp message. 
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me: (248) 979-4561
Our instagram: @the.universe.stuff


Apometry is a set of principles and techniques that aim to treat, harmonize and raise awareness of the multiple aspects that move our energies. We are all an aggregate of various levels of consciousness, and these levels are also energies.


• Deep Cleaning of the Energy Field and Chakra Alignment;
• Breaks Pacts and Agreements that Blocks your Life Path;
• Release of Fears, Anxiety, Trauma, Stress, and Limiting Beliefs;
• Cleanse of Magic, Spells, and Harmful Energies;
• Revitalization of Astral Bodies and Improvement in Vital Energy;
• Control of Emotions and Clarification in Decision Making;
• And more.


Animals are source of unconditional love. Sometimes they try to protect us from harmful energies, rebalance the energies in our home, or even bring our illnesses to themselves.

Because they are beings in the process of evolution like us, they may also be carrying mental, emotional, or spiritual issues from this life or past lives. We often think that the pet may be physically ill, when in fact they are looking after us or our house, and/or dealing with negative records of fear, loneliness, anxiety, trauma, in addition to spiritual issues.


Please have the following information on hand to book the session: full name, date of birth, and full address of pet and guardians. (It can be approximate date of birth or age for animals if you don't know exactly).

All sessions are online. During the session, the Apometer performs the treatment using Apometry techniques combined with Radiesthesia. Apometer will report all the perceptions and treatments indicated in the Apometry. The session lasts about 2h. Report will be sent later through email. Only one animal per session.

• The treatment is active for 21 (twenty-one) days and it may be necessary to repeat the session, if indicated during the session.​

• For this technique is not necessary to attend the meeting. Feedback will be sent later by email.

If it makes sense to you, and it is your choice that I help you in your process of self-knowledge and consciousness awakening, schedule a session now.