Saratoga Bath Mineral

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"Make these baths as Nature has one mineral at a time" 

Ohm's Mineral Baths are designed to mimic Mother Nature's mineral waters. 
"We source pure mineral crystals from around the world. Some of our sources are located near our favorite mineral springs which makes our baths as authentic as possible. We turn these pure minerals into powder, mix them together to match the chemistry of the mineral content of various famous spa spring water. When using one of our bath formulas, it only takes a tiny amount of this powder to populate bath water with minerals (ppm). This suspension of minerals in an Ohm bath mimics what takes Mother Nature thousands of years to create. In only a few minutes you can take a soaking bath in what is an "as close to authentic as it comes" spa mineral water bath in your own bathtub. Healing and Selfcare the Ohm way."

Benefits: Soaking in mineral springs, allows the body to absorb these minerals and their natural vibrations through the skin. Each spring has a unique mineral content, such as extra lithium, extra magnesium, or a little more manganese depending on the region's geology. For some people soaking in these waters can be life-changing. These various mineral waters can heal, energize, strengthen, and de-stress.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the small intestine and skin pair with each other, simply meaning, both absorb healing nutrients. The skin was designed by Mother Nature to take in minerals for the body to use. We like transdermal means of replenishing minerals because they are non-invasive and satisfying.

Mineral spring water is not available everywhere. If you have some in your neighborhood you are in luck, have struck gold, and are blessed. For the rest of us, we can buy a bottle or two to drink but it is prohibitively costly to actually soak in it. This is where Ohm comes into this blog post (finally). We studied the known healthiest mineral waters backward and forwards. We soaked in them and healed from them. To break it down we delved deeply into the region's geology, hydrology, and the water chemistry of these healthy springs to create our baths.