The Everyday for Every Body Care Gift Set

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Give the gift of nature's pure, healing goodness poured from the heart into a jar for your baby. 

The Everyday for Every Body Care Gift Set includes our Pure Deodorant, Coco Cleanse, and Whipped Berry Silk Moisturizer. 


Product Descriptions

Everyone deserves to feel confident and comfortable in his or her own skin. Our Pure Deodorant can help you keep that confidence and comfort with ingredients that work to soak up (not block) moisture and neutralize odor while restoring, soothing, and gently detoxifying the sensitive underarm skin using only the highest quality, organic, non-toxic ingredients. Infused herbs and restoring oils add another dimension to take our Pure Deodorant a step above “just another clean deodorant.”

Full list of the Pure Deodorant ingredients here.


The benefits of oil cleansing are long and beautifying. Using a high-quality oil to cleanse your face is a perfect way to obtain clean, soft, and glowy skin. We start with organic, cold pressed coconut oil and infuse a host of beneficial herbs. The result? A perfect facial cleanser and makeup remover that can help treat acne, reduce irritation and inflammation, balance natural oil production, brighten and hydrate the skin-even before adding your moisturizer. Pure, natural, non-toxic means zero endocrine-disrupting chemicals, lower risk of skin irritations, and safe for sensitive skin. Our organic, plant-based Coco Cleanse is rich in antioxidants, full of botanical benefits, and is great for all skin types.

Full list of ingredients for Coco Cleanse here.

Whipped Berry Silk is a whipped blend of oils and butters whose combined properties help to soothe, smooth, restore, repair, soften, and brighten skin.  Naturally high in Vitamin C, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatories, it helps in wrinkle reduction, to reduce free radicals, while deeply moisturizes and nourishes skin without clogging pores. 

Full list of ingredients for Whipped Berry Silk here.