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Zero Waste Dish Soap
Zero Waste Dish Soap
Zero Waste Dish Soap
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Zero Waste Dish Soap

Barn Cat Creations
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We've tackled plastic bottles in the bathroom, getting rid of shampoo and conditioner bottles with solid shampoo and hair rinse. Gotten rid of the makeup remover, cleanser and moisturizer bottles with the 3-in-1 facial oil, and LONG ago got rid of the liquid soap bottles, but what about the plastic in the kitchen?

Solid Dish Soap is taking over! These chunky bars (8.5+ oz.) can replace your liquid dish soap and deliver the same great cleaning and oil fighting benefits.  They are rock solid (thanks to the main ingredient: coconut oil) and packed with fantastic cleansing oils and natural additives. 

To use: wet your sponge/brush/wash cloth and rub it against the bar to get some soap transferred. Then, wash your dishes, it's really that simple. If you usually fill up your sink with water to wash dishes, you can run the soap under the water as it fills up the sink to get soap into the dish water. Just make sure that you're storing the soap up, out of the sink and you're allowing it to dry. 


Here's what my testers had to say:

"Love how long it lasts"

"It lathers so well"

"The first thing I tackled was cleaning peanut butter out of my food processor and I was so impressed with how well it dissolved the PB. This is an amazing product and pretty cool that it’s in bar form. It also cleaned coffee and tea stains out of my mugs!"

"I was surprised off the bat it worked so well. I was fearful that it wouldn’t lather and/or it would leave a residue behind like when I use dr bronners"

A user on Facebook said "Okay, so anyone thinking about ordering this soap please do yourself a favor: stop thinking and place your order. Here is my rave review. I bought the orange fragranced one and it smells SO delicious that I actually enjoy using it! But of course smelling delicious doesn't mean anything if it doesn't clean well, right? Have no fear. This is the first time I'm using a bar soap for dishes, and it lathers beautifully, can't-see-through-it type lather, and it cuts grease, and it's a huge bar just the right shape for handling."

Testers also estimated that this bar would last them in the 3-6 month range, 100% of testers said it worked well on all their dishes, and 100% of testers said they were converted over liquid dish soap.

Soap is available in four scents:

  • Orange
  • Lavender/Litsea (bright, citrus, with lavender undertones)
  • Peppermint & Tea Tree (NEW)
  • Unscented

NOTE: This listing does not include the pictured scrub brush, it is for demonstration only. However, I do sell a wonderful 100% biodegradable scrub brush, and 100% biodegradable loofah sponges in my shop as well. Visit the Accessories page of the Barn Cat shop to see all the wonderful extras!


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