PostPartum Mommy Gift Set

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Give the gift of nature's pure, healing goodness poured from the heart into a jar for a new mommy. 

The Postpartum Gift Set includes our New Mama Herbal Sitz Bath, our Peri Balm, and our Nipple Balm.

Product Descriptions

In the New Mama Herbal Sitz Bath, atringents Witch Hazel, Shepherd's Purse, and Uva Ursi combine with Stypic Yarrow, Hemostatic Mugwort, and a host of other soothing herbs that come together as a glorious chorus to help your hoo-ha sing with relief after its recent "yahoo" moment. 

Includes 8 tea bags.

Full list of New Mama Herbal Sitz Bath ingredients can be found here.

Unhappy perineum? Peri Balm can help to renew, soothe, and quiet screaming, swollen tissues.
Apply desired amount to the perineum 2-3 times per day during pregnancy and after birth. For ahhh-mazing cooling happiness, pop in the fridge between uses.

Pro Tip: Apply the balm to the after-birth pad for a no-direct-touch relief.

Full list of Peri Balm ingredients can be found here.

For some new mamas, nursing, with all of its beautiful and intimate moments, can come with sore, cracked nipples. Infused with calendula and marshmallow root, our Nipple Balm can relieve, moisturize and soften irritated nipples. Use as often as needed for relief and focus on the amazing, life-giving moments with your babe. No need to wipe off before nursing as all ingredients are safe and 100% organic.

Full list of Nipple Balm ingredients can be found here.

This post partum gift set will be the gift they never knew they needed until they try it.