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Hibiscus Rose Face Mask Powder

Hibiscus Rose Face Mask Powder

Naturally Silky Soap
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Bring a healthy glow back to your face!

Some benefits of facial clay masks:

-Clears skin from dirt & pollutants

-Brightens dull skin due to clogged pores

-Restores skin balance

-Great for hydrating dry flaky skin

-Absorbs excess oil from oily skin

-Deep cleans the skin

Clay facial masks are a fantastic addition to any skincare routine.

Hibiscus is full of antioxidants, delays the premature aging of skin, promotes collagen production, and helps tighten the face for a firmer, younger look. It also contains alpha hydroxy acids which can prevent acne breakouts and brighten your complexion. A great moisturizer & exfoliater for the skin.


Rose clay, hibiscus, coconut milk

This exfoliating mask is for normal to dry skin.

Each jar yields 15-20 applications.

2 oz