Coco Nutty Dog Toys

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Our Coco Nutty Toys are handmade of all natural coconut husk rope.

What is coconut husk?

A high quality product made from the inner husks of coconuts.

100% all natural. Chemical free. Durable and biodegradable.

Why is it good for dog toys?

An all natural dental tool. Dogs love the taste and texture, while they chew away food build up.

Coconut rope can be easily digested by dogs and is a great source of fiber.


These are to be used as a toy and not a treat. We recommend only allowing your pup to chew on/play with these toys, supervised, for only 10-20 minutes a few times a week. This will ensure that your pup does not ingest large quantities at a time.

What can I do with the toy once we are finished with it?

Once they toy becomes too small to continue playing with; here are some ways you can use/dispose of:

• Use for a fire starter

• Burn for a mosquito repellent

• Compost

Peanut Butter scented ball-2.5”

Mint scented ball-1.8”

Large squeak ball with tug rope-4”

*Coconut husk rope can be removed from ball as needed