Baby Gift Set #2

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Give the gift of nature's pure, healing goodness created from the heart for your baby. 

The Baby Gift Set includes our Baby Calm Balm, Baby Booty Balm, and the Boo Boo Balm.  


Product Descriptions

The Baby Bath Tea is a perfect alternative to harsh soaps to support your baby's delicate skin.  Hydrating and skin nourishing oatmeal works in harmony with the carefully curated blend of herbs to gently soothe skin discomforts.  Cocoa Butter provides the perfect complement of rich moisturization.  

Full list of ingredients for Baby Bath Tea here.

Baby Calm Balm is a blend of calming and soothing herbs and oils that help promote a state of peacefulness and relaxation as well as to support the body during irritability from teething and bedtime restlessness.

Full list of ingredients for Baby Calm Balm here.

Baby Booty Balm is a deeply soothing, gentle, and effective combination of infused herbs, moisturizing oils and nourishing plant extracts perfect for even the most sensitive skin. A light layer applied after a bath or in between diaper changes helps to keep baby’s booty soft and cheeky! Rest easy knowing that every ingredient used is pure, natural and organic - just as nature intended!

Full list of ingredients for Baby Booty Balm here.